2011 Vancouver Transgender Day of Remembrance

2011 Vancouver Transgender Day of Remembrance

We at Van TDOR acknowledge that the event takes place on unceded and occupied coast salish territory = Tsleil-Waututh / Sḵwxwú7mesh / Musqueam nations

March begins at The Carnegie Community Center.

5:30pm – gather – march at 6pm sharp!

401 Main St. (corner of Main & Hastings) (Vancouver)


SFU Harbour Centre – 515 West Hastings St. (Vancouver)
(between Richards & Seymour)
Segal Room – back of the main floor of the building.
(past the escalators to the left)
Room # 1400/1410

Details still being worked out.

Accessibility note
This space is fully accessible.
We strongly recommend that attendees refrain from wearing heavy perfumes. (more details coming)

Who we will be remembering:

Facebook event page:




Main international site:


  1. Thank you Van TDOR Society for hosting the memorial. Trans people and allies of the south sound area of Washington State stand with you in solidarity to decry the violence and neglect towards trans people. We all have the same important message to the world that what all of humanity is doing must change, that we must become conscious of our place as individuals and of what keeping on with what we are doing is costing us.
    Know that we at GASS will be standing with you on Nov 20 in Tacoma. With all our hearts we wish you well.
    Victoria Quaintance, GASS board chair

  2. I believe that for a march to be worthwhile it should be at a time when and in an area frequented by a range of citizens.
    Our venue at Carnegie in the dark did not accomplish this.

    My belief is that given the march time and location, we may as well have limited the commemoration to S.F.U.

    I also think that gathering in the downtown eastside does nothing for our image with the V.P.D., which has been known to fall far short of its supposed training in its treatment of us.

    1. Hello Glynne,

      Thank you for your feedback. I suggest coming to your planning meetings in the first week of Sept?

      Also, I disagree greatly and so does much of the community. The corner was chosen by the community years ago and it is quite specific. We, as a trans community are marginalized as it is and especially survival sex workers – many of whom are in our neighborhood.

      You easily could have just come to the SFU part of the event. With that expressed your views are quite problematic. However, not unique. Many in our society are quite classist and so on. Quick to discriminate against anyone – including our own trans community.

      Still, thank you for your feedback and see you next year. (unfortunately – because we will memorialize more oppressed/marginalized and murdered trans people)

      Ps……how about study and live this: http://wiki.freegeekvancouver.org/article/What_is_Anti-Oppression%3F

      1. I am not sure you get my drift. I have no objection to going to or through the downtown eastside. I perceive that as a marginalised group the purpose of the march should be to elicit the awareness and support of not only those who may otherwise perpetrate violence on us, or turn a blind eye, but also from other members of society who might be persuaded that we are a significant and worthy part of society, and some of them being opinion leaders, may be able to reduce our problems. Unfortunately, those who are not themselves marginalized are in a better position to do this than those who are. That is why I prefer a daytime march when we can be seen by a larger number of folks, possibly get some mainstream media attention, and arouse the awareness of people in different circumstances. Perhaps, as one example, along Granville south of Georgia might have been better.
        Thankyou for your invitation, but I will likely be living on Vancouver Island by next September.

  3. What is the date for your 2012 event? We are trying to publicize local events at our Accenture offices to get allies to come out. The only thing we lack for Vancouver is the date.

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