Vancouver Trans Week of Resilience

Organized and taking place on the unceded territory of the Coast Salish peoples. This event stands in solidarity with Indigenous peoples in their quest for autonomy and self-determination and seek to address the harms of colonization, especially (although not exclusively) in regards to gender, gender roles, gender identity, and gender expression.

Trans Week of Resilience was created by trans people in the United States to widen the focus of Trans Day of Remembrance to honour and celebrate living trans people, especially trans people of colour, alongside memorializing those murdered and killed by anti-trans violence.

“For trans people of color to not only survive, but thrive, we need to reimagine our world.”

This year, the organizing committee of Vancouver Trans Day of Remembrance calls on trans people our local community to self-organize events from November 14th – November 20th, 2018 for Trans Week of Resilience.

Submit your ideas! Or submit already existing events! We will place the info you provide in this form onto our calendar, as well as determine if there are resources we can redirect your way to make your event/idea possible.

Some examples: clothing swap, music/performance night, poetry night, community dinner/lunch, meditation night, sports & recreation, workshop, community dialogue, film screening, skill-share, make-up tutorial, QTIBIPOC-only event, etc.

To sign up, visit:

For any questions etc. email: vantdor@gmail dot com

Not able to organize an event but want to help out and/or have access to resources? Fill out the form here:

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