Call for Submissions & Support: Trans Week of Resilience!

This year’s Trans Week of Resilience falls between November 17th – 23rd, 2019!

Trans Week of Resilience was created by trans people in the United States to widen the focus of Trans Day of Remembrance and honour and celebrate the living trans community, especially trans people of colour, alongside memorializing those murdered and killed by anti-trans violence.

“For trans people of color to not only survive, but thrive, we need to reimagine our world.” (

The Organizing Committee of Vancouver Trans Day of Remembrance calls on the community to volunteer and/or donate resources and support to make TWOR successful!

Our mission is to gather resources and support for Two Spirit, trans, and gender nonconforming communities to organize and participate in a variety of events and opportunities for ourselves and each other.

We envision the creation of safer spaces to learn, grow, heal, and build individual and community capacity to navigate day-to-day struggles and to resist hatred and violence.

We are inviting folks to submit ideas for events that you hope to see, or want support in organizing yourself. Or send us the info for events already planned for the week that we can add to our calendar!

Some examples of events that could be organized: clothing swap, music/performance night, poetry night, community dinner/lunch, meditation night, QTIBIPOC-only event, sports and recreation, make up tutorial, skill-share, community dialogue, or workshop.

Please do not be limited by our imagination! Create space for our wonderful community! What we feel is important is that events are trans-centered, free or sliding scale (with no one turned away for lack of funds), and is as accessible as possible (i.e. ASL translated, mobility device accessible, scent reduced, EMF free zones, childcare, and all that is possible within your means).

To submit your event:

We would like to stress the need for resources and support to create this week. If you are able to help with providing funds, space, printing, food, or any other forms of support this could help us immensely in helping our community to create our week of resilience.

Resources and support we would greatly benefit from to host TWOR & TDOR:

  • Space to host events
  • Printing
  • Active listeners/counselling
  • Marshalls for the march
  • Volunteers for TWOR events

If you have any suggestions on where we can find resources and support, please do help direct us.

To offer support &/or resources:

Please feel free to contact us at for support, questions and more!

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